I have teamed up with the guys at Thinkster.io to bring you an incredible offer.

With massive discounts on both Annual and Monthly subscriptions. There hasn’t been a better time to update your developer skills. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned developer Thinkster has you covered.

Software development is constantly evolving and staying current and up to date is challenging. But Thinkster’s interactive exercises will help you learn almost five times more quickly than just watching and listening.

Career opportunities, unleashed

If you are looking to land that promotion, join your dream company, or strike out on your own. Thinkster can help you succeed in your career.

Keep your skills up-to-date

Javascript frameworks are constantly changing. Thinkster ensures you always know what the latest is and how to use them.

Confidence and Expertise

You can’t fake the confidence, or the CV, that building numerous real-world applications give you.

And many many more…

To get this exclusive offer you will need to sign up using one of the following links below. These prices are EXCLUSIVE to anglebrackets.dev

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