About Me

Hi, Duncan here. This is just a little about me and a brief history of my journey as a software engineer.

I’ve been developing software applications since 1999 and started out in VB 5/6 and Microsoft Access, gaining my MCSD qualification in 2001. I moved to VB.net around 2002/3 and by 2005 I had dropped VB.net in favour of C# and switched to MS SQL server. I continued to develop applications in C# and MS SQL for another 10 years gaining my MCAD.net qualification during that time.

In 2014 I’ve switched over to AngularJS (version 1) and really liked this style of programming, in 2016 I got a contract role using Angular 2 (it had just been release and I had only practised with the betas). This was a great opportunity to get into a technology as it was starting, even to this day I absolutely love working with Angular and the Angular community.

Angular Material
.Net [ASP.net, Web forms, MVC, C# and VB.net]